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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drive Less, Live More?
Drive Less, Live More is a campaign to raise awareness of – and encourage the use of – alternative transportation throughout the Dayton region.
What do you mean by “alternative transportation?”
As Americans we love our cars. Over the past few decades, the car has become our primary mode of transportation. We drive often without even thinking about a better way for our health or the environment.
Drive Less, Live More is working to once again make traveling by foot, bike, or transit the primary transportation choice and traveling by care the "alternative." With a milder climate most ofthe year, minimal traffic, a great transit system, the Dayton Region is an excellent place to live more – free of the financial, environmental, and social constraints of a car. Walking, biking, taking the bus and carpooling for even some of your shorter trips can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year in car use. Find out those savings and Compute your commute.
What’s the goal of the Drive Less, Live More campaign?
The goal is simply to raise awareness of your options and to encourage you to give them a try. There are several organizations in the area that can help you bike, rideshare or use the bus.
What are the components of the 2016 Drive Less, Live More campaign?
Here are some of the events and resources:

Bike to Work Day
Friday, May 20, 2016

The RTA Experience
Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bike and Carpool to the Dragons
May 22 (2 p.m.)
June 26 (2 p.m.)
July 17 (2 p.m.)
August 14 (2 p.m.)

Miamisburg-Franklin River Ride
Miamisburg, Saturday, June 4, 2016

Fraze Pavilion's "Throwback Thursday"

June 9 - Queen Nation "A Tribute to the Music of Queen"

June 23 - Natural Wonder "The Ultimate Stevie Wonder Experience"

August 4 - The Atomic Punks "The Tribute to Early Van Halen"

August 25 - Get The Led Out "The American Led Zeppelin"

Who developed Drive Less, Live More?
The Drive Less, Live More campaign is a partnership of the Five Rivers MetroParks, Greater Dayton RTA, and Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission.
Who should I contact if I have questions?
Call Drive Less, Live More at 937-274-3171.
How could my little change really make a difference?
Like most things, if we all take a little step, we’ll be surprised at the result. So give it a try. Remember, car emissions account for more than 50 percent of air pollution.
Jumping in my car whenever I need to go somewhere is so convenient. Why would I want to lose that?
You may think it’s convenient, but have you ever calculated what it costs you to drive? Plus, walking or biking for short trips can help you stay healthy and burn off a few calories – and there aren’t many of us that can’t benefit from that.
How do I find out where and when to catch the bus?
Call the RTA Call Center at 937-425-8300, visit the RTA website at, or pick up a route map at any RTA Transit Center. Customer service representatives at the Call Center will also send you a map upon request.
How much does it cost to ride the bus?
A one-way adult fare is $1.75. Transfers are 25 cents. An adult 31-Day Pass for fixed route service is $55 and a 7-Day Pass is $19. There are reduced fare and pass options as well. Visit the RTA Fares webpage for more details.
Do I need to buy a bus ticket in advance?
You do not. You can pay with cash as you board the bus. However, drivers do not have change. You can pre-purchase passes and tokens at several locations noted on the RTA website.
How do I find out which recreational trail takes me where I need to go?
You can request a regional bikeways map from Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission.
Do I need any special equipment to ride my bike to work?
The most important piece of equipment is a helmet. Always wear a helmet. Always fasten the helmet. And be sure to have a helmet properly fitted. If you choose to wear pants instead of biking shorts, you might consider placing a band around your right pant leg so the pants don’t get caught in the bike chain. The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission offers bike safety information to help you get started.
How can I find someone who shares my schedule to carpool with?
Rideshare helps match people who want to rideshare to work or college, which are the most common daily trips people take in their cars. The program is available for free to anyone who lives, works or attends college in Montgomery, Greene, Miami, Darke, Preble and Clinton counties. You’ll receive a matchlist of others who live near you and are traveling to similar destinations at similar times.
If I carpool and then find out that I have to work late, how will I get home?
The Rideshare program offers a Guaranteed Ride Home Program.
Is there any way to be matched with someone else who rides their bike to work so we can ride together?
You bet. Just join the Pedal Pals program available through the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission. Just call 937-223-6323 or check out Pedal Pals.